Satoshi Nakamoto – Who is the inventor of Bitcoin?

The name Satoshi Nakamoto represents one of the greatest secrets of the digital world. It’s a pseudonym that can be traced back to the inventor of the digital crypto currency Bitcoin. In 2008, the persons developed Bitcoin Core, a so-called open source reference implementation. Whether Satoshi Nakamoto is actually a natural person or whether there is a group of people behind it has not yet been conclusively clarified. Since BTC was implemented in 2008, different people have taken over the mysterious identity. Others have simply been made the inventors of the BTC and have publicly revoked it. The question is who is really behind the pseudonym. After all, the crypto currency BTC is today a recognized and very successful means of payment on the Internet.

Established facts about Satoshi Nakamoto and Ethereum code

The world therefore does not know for sure what identity is really behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto. However, it is now known what influence the Ethereum code has had on the digital age. After he published a paper in 2008, which clearly shows that he is to be regarded as the inventor of the Bitcoin protocol, he published the first version of Ethereum code just a few months later. At first he was still actively involved in the big project, only using mailing lists. At the end of 2010 he was able to withdraw silently from the growing community.

What’s special about his work is that although Satoshi Nakamoto may have worked personally with people from his open source team, he never disclosed any personal information about himself or his life. Since the employees still hide themselves in silence, the personal contact is only an assumption that has been made on the Internet. The BTC inventor finally said goodbye to this digital stage in spring 2011. To the last person with whom he worked on this project, he simply told them that he now wanted to do other things. On the other hand, he did not give any concrete hints as to what this was all about or whether he might be working on a new project.

Does the name Satoshi Nakamoto give any indication of the land of the rising sun according to onlinebetrug?

Admittedly, the name Satoshi Nakamoto sounds Japanese. However, an old English proverb says that a book should never be judged by its cover. This may not be the case with the inventor of the BTC says onlinebetrug. It is a fact that the components of the name Satoshi Nakamoto have a real meaning. The first name Satoshi can be translated into German as “wise, clear thinking, fast funny”. On the other hand, the surname must be broken down into its individual components according to onlinebetrug. While the first part of the word Naka can be translated as “relationship, inner or middle”, Moto means either “foundation” or “origin”.

Ultimately, it is therefore with a probability bordering on certainty an imaginary algorithm that has only been taken over from the Japanese one. Whether the father of the Bitcoin is actually a Japanese is not clear. The problem is that the algorithm can be transferred to all persons who were able to initiate a movement. A further difficulty arises from the fact that the words have different meanings and can therefore be put together in a different way. That Satoshi Nakamoto is therefore a Japanese man has not yet been established by further circumstantial evidence. It is not at all clear whether the inventor of the BTC is actually a man. It is also possible that the digital currency was developed by a female person hiding behind a male identity.

RaiBlocks Coin – advantages and disadvantages

This crypto currency should be particularly attractive for anyone who wants to use a coin as a means of payment. The coin concentrates on one function, wants to be able to do this particularly well and otherwise be simple and simple. Especially fast transactions are nothing new, as there are already a few competing currencies that have already established themselves on the stock markets. IOTA, for example, is a crypto currency that has been traded for a long time and that also wants to deliver fast transactions.

Nevertheless, raiBlocks offers some advantages for customers. The fact that there are no fees will please many and should be the coin to establish itself as a popular alternative means of payment. The immediate transactions make it even better. What should be particularly emphasized, however, is the fact that the RaiBlocks can be scaled infinitely. Thus the coin has much better future prospects than many other established crypto currencies. Bitcoin could have had its day as a means of payment due to its weaknesses and its architecture, which is almost backward in comparison.

Its blockchain simply does not scale and takes comparatively long to execute transactions. At the same time, the demands placed on computers are becoming ever higher, and it has been a long time since normal consumers have been able to dig for coins. Should Bitcoin lose its attraction as a speculative object, there is not much left to speak for the coin when promising crypto currencies such as Rai blocks are romping around on the markets.

Only the development has not been completed yet, not all functions have been implemented yet. And although the crypto currency has existed since 2014, there are not many stock exchanges where you can buy it. That makes it a bit cumbersome to buy the coin. Nevertheless one should think about it, because the RaiBlocks Coin forecast for 2018 doesn’t look so bad at all.

RaiBlocks Coin Price – Development of the Bitcoin code

For a long time the Rai-Blocks Coin, like most other Bitcoin code crypto currencies that are not among the big ones, moved only slightly above zero Euro since the start of the Coin in 2014. An upswing in the price began in August 2017. For the first time the price went up significantly and the traders showed interest in the Bitcoin code. During the month, the price fluctuated consistently between 5 and 10 cents per coin and reached heights of up to 13 cents in the meantime.

In September, the price of the crypto currency plummeted and remained well below 10 cents per coin. The lowest value was 6 cents. This continued in October, with the price in some places again quoting over 10 cents, but the coin generally remained in this segment. In November the coin established itself at over 10 cents and rose steadily slightly over the course of the month, so that at the end of the month first the 15 cents, then finally the 20 cents per coin were exceeded.

December 2017 should be the most successful month of the year. Since the beginning of the month the price rose steadily, cracking the 1 euro mark in the second week, only to exceed it even further. At Christmas the share price was quoted at just under 4 euros and at the end of the month it jumped to 10 euros.

The turn of the year was the most successful in the history of the crypto currency so far. On January 2, the coin was quoted at 27.93 euros, which was a multiple of the value with which the coin started 2017. This could be the fault of the Binance exchange community. The community chooses a new old coin every month, which is then to be part of the Binance range. Rai-Blocks left the competition far behind in its choice and became the clear winner. At the same time, the Kucoin stock exchange announced that it would soon be offering Rai blocks for trading. For a possible forecast, it can certainly be said that the coin is much better positioned than in the previous year, and many times better than in previous years, and that the coin is now being brought to the attention of traders. A few days later the price fell to more than 10 Euros per coin, which nevertheless represents a respectable gain compared to the previous year.

Where can the Bitcoin trader buy the RaiBlocks Coin?

So far there are not very many stock exchanges where the Bitcoin trader can buy RaiBlocks Coin. To make matters worse, it is not possible to buy with euros or dollars on any of the stock exchanges. Instead the Bitcoin trader has to exchange the crypto currency for Bitcoin or ether. The exchanges that the RaiBlocks currently have on offer are Kucoin, Bitgrail, Bit-Z and Mercatox. In the future, Binance will also be added.

Create Wallet
As a RaiBlocks wallet, the online and desktop variants are available. With the online version you use the wallet on the official website of the developers and register there. Alternatively, you can also download it to your own computer. After the Insta

Hardware Wallet Trezor now with Bitcoin Revolution Check

Everyone knows the feeling. You’ve written down the 12 or 24 words and you’re sure you didn’t do anything wrong. However,¬†Bitcoin Revolution there is always a voice in the back of your mind saying that you have written a word wrong and the seed is wrong. Until now, there was only the option to restore the wallet with the seed. Without knowing whether the seed contains the credit or not.

With the new “Recovery-Check” you can sleep again calmly. The Trezor* adds a new option to check the seed and strengthens its position as the best hardware wallet 2018.

The option was already available with the firmware update 1.5.1 – but only via terminal (Command Line Interface). Due to the high demand SatoshiLabs decided to add this service.

How does Bitcoin Revolution work?

With this check you don’t have to delete the previous wallet anymore. For the check Bitcoin Revolution you only have to click on the name of the wallet and then on Advanced. In the lower area you will find “Check Recovery Seed”.

Actually the recovery check works like a normal recovery. However, the seed is not saved at the end, but only compared with the existing seed. The Trezor then shows whether the seed matches or not.


If the seed does not match, you could send the Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc. to another (hardware) wallet to create a new seed. Then transfer the crypto currencies back to the “newly” created hardware wallet.

How secure is Bitcoin Profit

To try all combinations of a 24-word seed, a hacker would need to run SHA-512 (24! / 256 x 8096) 19,621,680,704,813,697,269,760,000 times. The recovery check queries the words in random order, which would still make it difficult for the attacker Bitcoin Profit ist difficult to find the right combination.

Unfortunately, malware could read along during standard recovery and at least learn the words. If you want to be on the safe side, you can use the Advanced Recovery option.

But for this the wallet has to be deleted. If your conscience is troubled and you want to be on the safe side, you can buy a second Trezor Hardware Wallet* and test the first seed with “Advanced Recovery”.

GameCredits Coin Course

According to analysts, the outlook for this development has considerable potential. Due to the expansion of the platform in 2017, the crypto currency recorded significant growth, which continued even after a long correction.

The developers of GameCredits Coin are focusing their development efforts on cooperation with major manufacturers in the games industry. The support from them and the further partnership will be a new stage in the expansion of the project and will have a positive effect on the share price.

Another important aspect for the forecast is the technical implementation of the crypto currency and the corresponding platform. The production speed of the unit is one and a half minutes, but for fast transactions it is necessary to increase the network scaling, which is especially important in connection with the potential expansion and for the forecasting and GameCredits coin course.

Many analysts point out the main advantage of GameCredits – the project was started without an ICO and was indeed further developed by the enthusiasm of the founders. The pre-sale of coins was only initiated when MobileGo was introduced more for promotional purposes than to attract investment.

At the same time, the developers set themselves the global goal of making the crypto currency a universal payment tool in the gaming industry. The alignment of the krypton currency is not only for the purchase and sale of the projects themselves, but also for certain in-game services, which is particularly important for online projects.

Create Wallet
GameCredits Web Wallet, This is one of the safest places where you can store the crypto currency instead of simply transferring it to a private wallet. The service provides a backup function for the GameCredits Wallet in offline mode.

You only need to register to receive the Web Wallet with all your personal addresses and keys. You can send and receive an unlimited number of tokens.

When you buy GameCredits coin, you have to store it somewhere.

GAME is not supported by many third-party wallets. You can therefore keep the tokens on the wallet or use the following services:

Web Wallet of Game.Credits. The desktop wallet of Game.Credits, the wallet is available for Windows, Mac, Linux
Paper Wallets: Game.Credits Paper Wallet
Mobile wallets: Game.credits Wallet (Android), Coinomi (Android)
There are no hardware purses for this crypto currency
Where can I buy the GameCredits coin?
Buying the GameCredits coin is quite easy because the currency is available on many stock exchanges. But before you buy GAME on a stock exchange, you may need to buy Bitcoins or Ether on Coinbase. To buy Bitcoins, we recommend that you use Coinbase or Poloniex. However, you can also consider alternatives. Coinbase is the most popular and reliable platform for buying Bitcoins, Ether and Litecoin. You can start by simply creating an account.

For the players themselves, this situation will create excellent winning prospects – with the game currency GAME, they will still be able to withdraw money in a fiat currency. In addition to this option, there is also a classic digital mining.

All these factors create excellent prospects for long-term investment in the project. The gaming industry is gaining momentum, the budget of many projects is estimated at millions and with the increasing number of players, the idea has significant potential and can bring a profit to its investors.