Satoshi Nakamoto – Who is the inventor of Bitcoin?

The name Satoshi Nakamoto represents one of the greatest secrets of the digital world. It’s a pseudonym that can be traced back to the inventor of the digital crypto currency Bitcoin. In 2008, the persons developed Bitcoin Core, a so-called open source reference implementation. Whether Satoshi Nakamoto is actually a natural person or whether there is a group of people behind it has not yet been conclusively clarified. Since BTC was implemented in 2008, different people have taken over the mysterious identity. Others have simply been made the inventors of the BTC and have publicly revoked it. The question is who is really behind the pseudonym. After all, the crypto currency BTC is today a recognized and very successful means of payment on the Internet.

Established facts about Satoshi Nakamoto and Ethereum code

The world therefore does not know for sure what identity is really behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto. However, it is now known what influence the Ethereum code has had on the digital age. After he published a paper in 2008, which clearly shows that he is to be regarded as the inventor of the Bitcoin protocol, he published the first version of Ethereum code just a few months later. At first he was still actively involved in the big project, only using mailing lists. At the end of 2010 he was able to withdraw silently from the growing community.

What’s special about his work is that although Satoshi Nakamoto may have worked personally with people from his open source team, he never disclosed any personal information about himself or his life. Since the employees still hide themselves in silence, the personal contact is only an assumption that has been made on the Internet. The BTC inventor finally said goodbye to this digital stage in spring 2011. To the last person with whom he worked on this project, he simply told them that he now wanted to do other things. On the other hand, he did not give any concrete hints as to what this was all about or whether he might be working on a new project.

Does the name Satoshi Nakamoto give any indication of the land of the rising sun according to onlinebetrug?

Admittedly, the name Satoshi Nakamoto sounds Japanese. However, an old English proverb says that a book should never be judged by its cover. This may not be the case with the inventor of the BTC says onlinebetrug. It is a fact that the components of the name Satoshi Nakamoto have a real meaning. The first name Satoshi can be translated into German as “wise, clear thinking, fast funny”. On the other hand, the surname must be broken down into its individual components according to onlinebetrug. While the first part of the word Naka can be translated as “relationship, inner or middle”, Moto means either “foundation” or “origin”.

Ultimately, it is therefore with a probability bordering on certainty an imaginary algorithm that has only been taken over from the Japanese one. Whether the father of the Bitcoin is actually a Japanese is not clear. The problem is that the algorithm can be transferred to all persons who were able to initiate a movement. A further difficulty arises from the fact that the words have different meanings and can therefore be put together in a different way. That Satoshi Nakamoto is therefore a Japanese man has not yet been established by further circumstantial evidence. It is not at all clear whether the inventor of the BTC is actually a man. It is also possible that the digital currency was developed by a female person hiding behind a male identity.